The Mackay Masonic Temple (1925) is the venue for all events. This beautiful and significant building in the heart of Mackay's CBD was heritage-listed in 2009.

The venue for all concert events is the Mackay Masonic Temple - 57 Wood Street, Mackay, QLD 4740



The Mackay Masonic Temple is a heritage-listed Masonic temple which was designed by F.H. Faircloth and built in 1925 by William Patrick Guthrie. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 14 August 2009.

This Temple was built by the first three Lodges to be formed in Mackay, after a devastating cyclone destroyed much of Mackay and the original building in 1918. Those three owner Lodges were Mackay Lodge, formed in 1875, Temple Lodge,  formed approximately in 1880 and Caledonia Lodge, formed in 1886. These three Lodges were formed from England, Ireland and Scotland respectively.

There was a surge in membership of the Order after the Second World War and another twelve lodges were formed in the district; Walkerston, Mirani, Finch Hatton, North Eton, Sarina, Calen, Proserpine and three in Mackay. Many of those Lodges no longer exist and only seven remain - two of them meeting in the Mackay Masonic Temple: Mackay Lodge and Star of the North Lodge.

The Mackay Chamber Music Festival wishes to thank the Mackay Masonic Temple for their very generous donation of the use of this beautiful building over the weekend.

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